Application instruction

Värmland nation’s housing queue based on the number of university credits taken, points from being an official at the nation and accommodation points. The university credits must be taken during the time you were a member of Värmlands nation. Remember that you have to be a member of Värmlands nation to live in any of our accomodations, even if you have a second-hand contract.

Univerisity credits: Each credit count as a queue point. After one semester of full-time studies, you therefore have 30 queue points.

Officals points: By being an official at the nation you get get points that you can use in the housing queue. For example, for being a breakfast host you get 5 points per semester and 23 points per semester to be club worker.

Accommodation points: By living at one of our accomodations, you get 1 point/month you stayed. This also applies to second-hand housing. This means that if you have, for example, lived at Phyllebo for a year and now want to look for an aparement at Rackarbo you get 12 accommodation points and therefore 12 more queue points.

To apply for housing, please complete and submit the form that you find in the left menu. In order for your application to be valid, you must include the following attachments:

– Copy of your nation card. Take a photocopy of the nation card and attach to your application. You can also get the receipt that you have paid the nation fee 1Q:s office.
– Registration certificate. This piece of paper shows which courses you are registered at this semester and any previous and upcoming semesters. This must be sent, no exceptions!
– Study results. Shows how many credits you have taken. If you havn’t taken any credits you do not have to submit this.

Both certificates can be downloaded at the “Studentportalen” under “My studies” -> “Request grade transcript”. Contact one of the HQ:s if you have any questions.

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