Not far from Värmlands nation is a yellow four-story building with ten corridors of student rooms. This is part of Värmland nation’s student accomodation and is called Phyllebo. Phyllebo consists of 65 student rooms of varying size. Each room has its own shower, toilet and a small hall. Kitchen is shared by all members of the corridor and the number of residents in each corridor varies between 4-9 people.

Phyllebo is just a short walk from Uppsala city center and has a minute walk to a grocery store. Moreover, most of Uppsala’s nations just a few hundred meters away.

Rooms vary in size with a total area of ​​between 16.1 to 18.4 m2, in addition there are a number of large dormitories with an area between 20 to 23.5 m2.

  • 16.1 to 18.4 m2 – 3 150 SEK / month (3 250 SEK / month from 1/9 2015)
  • 20 to 23.5 m2 – 3 600 SEK / month (3 750 SEK / month from 1/9 2015)

In the 10-month rent for the corridor rooms includes heating, water, electricity and internet via Upunet.

For more information contact the home’s curators (HQ) for Phyllebo and Dygdebo:
Anton Norberg,