General information about gasks

A gask is a formal, traditional dinner party. On this occasion it is usually held speeches, choirs are singing, singing drinking songs, dancing and eating good food, usually a three-course dinner. Take a look at the calendar to see which gasks that are coming this semester.

Dress codes

– Odd suit
Here, the fabric of the trousers and jacket can differ in both material and color. Dress carriers usually applies a stylish trousers (not jeans) with blouse, dress or skirt.

– Suit
Means a dark (or light, depending on the occasion), full suit. The shirt should be light. It is optional between tie or bow tie. You can also wear a knee-long dress, skirt or trouser suit of the more elegant type.

– Formal dress/tail suit
Tail suit or long dress (all the way down to the feet). Alternatives to this are folk dress or military formal dress.