Tefats gask

Dresscode: winter clothes during the games, suit at the dinner

At the beginning of each semester is it time for the tefats gask (translates to saucer gask), or the battle of Castle Hill. The tefats gask is a gask held together with Västgöta and Gotland nations and the different nations are responsible for different parts of the day. It all starts around lunch with “pre-ski” at Västgöta, when all three teams (ie Nations participants) get acquainted with each other while drinking some hot drinks (like hot chocolate). After some hours or two, we move, under the nation flags, to the Castle Hill where Värmlands nations saucer carriers arrange some lovely winter games. After an hour of hard struggle, Värmlands usually stand as the winning nation, as we move to Värmlands for the after-ski. After the after ski there will be a couple of hours off to give time to change clothes before the gask at Gotlands nation.

The tefats gask is a fantastic day in the company of our friends at VG and Gotlands and is definitely something you should try if you like winter games and the after-ski!