Friday club


The fact that Värmland’s nation inhabits a nightclub is nothing new, for the last 50 years, Värmland’s nation has been one of Uppsala’s most popular dance nations. During the summer of 2017 some changes were made to the night club, in order to launch the new club KLUBB VÄRMLAND in the autumn. Why complicate something that’s already so incorperated?

The house that has its roots from the 30’s has been modernized to at the same time create a personal atmosphere for the party-loving student. Uppsala’s finest fourroomer consists of a downstairs and an upstairs. Downstairs, which has a cocktail bar with everything from fresh drinks to beautiful cocktails, makes no one disappointed. The grand hall has its magnificent ceiling height where the guest can dance to the latest hits while the dance floor upstairs delivers R’n’B mixed with Swedish hits in a real library.

Klubb Värmland appeals to students who want to dance all night in Studentuppsala’s most enchanting house.

Garden Party

Among all historic buildings lies the green oasis of Värmlands nations garden. This beautiful garden is brought to life with full force during the warmest fridays of the autumn and spring. Värmlands nations GARDEN PARTY is a real hideaway and is perfect for capturing the magic of the late summer night.