The rally association

The rally association was created in the early 2010s to serve as a support for the team that each semester is responsible for the rebus rally, Rally Monte Carl.

Rally Monte Carl, or RMC, is the nation’s rebus rally. Read more about the rally in Other Activities -> RMC, but briefly it can be said that RMC is a competition to solve challenging rebuses, compete in various games at the time controls (TK) and to read a map. The rally engage each semester around 20 teams of 4-9 people per team, so it’s a great business!

The rally is based on continuity and that there are dedicated people who volunteers with their experience semester after semester. The rally association was established to contribute to this continuity, and should thus act as a support for the team that puts the rally together each semester.

Have you participated in the rally a few times and want to become more involved in its survival and development? Then the rally association is something for you! Contact to get more information and to get in contact with the rally board.

Read more about the Rally Monte Carl here!

Or visit their facebook group