Värmlands nations choir

The tradition of choir song at Värmlands nation dates back to the 1820s, when med. stud. PA Edgren started Wermlands Nations Singing Association. This consisted of twelve young men with three representatives in each voice stem who practiced twice a week. One evening in April they marched off, singing, to the inspector, Erik Gustaf Geijer, to convey some time typical National Romantic pieces. Geijer recognized several Värmlands nation members, but he did not know they could sing so well – this singing was in fact with such splendor that Geijer ran out into the street and embraced them. The following night Geijer spent writing a march, “Att älska Gud, kung, fädernesland” (translation: “To love God, king, fatherland,”) which he the next day dedicated to the Wermlands Nations Singing Association.

During the 1900s, Wermlands Nations Singing Association developed into a mixed choir with a varying numbers of members. In the late 1980s, the choir had a possible peak of over one hundred members. Today the choir is known as Värmland nations choir, and consists of about 50 singers, equally distributed between women and men. The repertoire is very diverse, but some themes are constantly in the repertoire, such as spring/summer songs, carols, party and drinking songs and of course Värmlandsvisan, Värmlands national anthem.

The choir years greatest event for the choir is the four days long tour that usually take place during any of the first weeks in May. The choir usually head west to the home district of Värmland to make themselves heard in churches, squares and scenes. In addition to the annual choir tour they entertain themselves with choir parties and rehearsal weekends, nation appearances at balls and gasks, the nation choir festival and, not forgetting, of course, our nice thursday rehersals with refreshments during the break. After the practice, we usually go for a stop in the nation’s pub and socialize even more! Please contact us if you want to know more!

For questions, contact the choir’s president: ordforande@varmlandsnationskor.se
or check out the choir’s website: Varmlands nations choir

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Veera Tuovinen