“Rally Monte Carl is an academic rebus rally related to Värmlands student nation in Uppsala”
“Rally Monte Carl is one of Uppsala’s oldest traditions … (?)”
“Rally Monte Carl is no speed contest. Rally Monte Carl is a state of mind ”

Yes, all these statements are true, but they are not the only descriptions of the Rally Monte Carl, who are written in the history books. This clearly shows the complexity of the phenomenon called precisely Rally Monte Carl (RMC). For english speakers: the rally is unfortunately completely in swedish.

Rally Monte Carl is a contest which for the most part consists of solving rebuses, whose answers lead to new rebuses. Some controls are manned and when they are the contestants get to play various game, and maybe get a little snack. After an about 125 miles long runway with about 16 rebuses you reach the finish line and then it’s rush to the rally dinner at Värmlands nation. This means food, drinks, rebus briefing, award ceremony and celebration.

Rally Monte Carl is a multidisciplinary institution that spans all faculties. The phenomenon of RMC is possible to study at the historic-philiosphic faculty. The medical faculty courses mostly involves carsick diagnostics and to some extent known etylintox. Faculty of Pharmacy principally contribute with ethanol and to some extent against the car sickness antiemetics. The legal knowledge is applied by following the roads traffic regulations. The theology is frequently invoked in justification of severe rebuses, particularly common among carriages following the Gospel of John. Knowledge from the Faculty of Languages ​​is always important, then you know for example, the English-speaking theologians “follow John”. Social sciences makes itself heard at the visit at community centers and schools, and throughout the rally there is a social psychological experiments. Technology is needed above all in practical tests, or when the rally vehicle breaks down. A logical mathematical thinking is the alpha and omega in rebus solution and the natural sciences are studied throughout the rally, especially trees located on the right side of the road. One might think that a completed rally should not only provide the dots but also academic credits.