The nation shop

Värmland nation sells a plethora of nation gadgets so that you can show your nation everyday or during special occasions like gasks and balls. If you want to buy pins, cufflinks, ties, etc. you turn directly to the second curator during office hours.

However, if you want a nation shirt or similar products you buy them at our newly launched webshop. This is to increase the range of this type of things. To purchase these you order online. The clothes then will be sent to your home after a few days, just as with normal Internet commerce. Smooth and easy!

You find the web shop here!

At the nation shop at counselor office, you can buy:


Nation pin.
Price: 40 SEK


Price: 100 SEK/pair


Tie Pin.
Price: 75 SEK


Nation band, junior.
Price: 1 SEK/cm (30 cm is normal length)


Nation tie.
Price: 200 SEK


Bow tie.
Price: 150 SEK


Cap. Snapback.
Price: SEK


Värmlands nations song book.
Price: 50 SEK


Key band.
Price: 20 SEK


Jubilee movie.
Pictures and movies from the Jubilee Year 2010.
Price: 100 SEK


CD with Värmlands nation choir. Published at the Jubilee year of 2010.
Conductor: Alexander Öberg. Violin: Mia Marin
Price: 100 SEK


In addition to those listed below are additional books published by the nation’s publication committee. These can also be purchased at the nation’s second curators office. All titles can be found HERE. All books are in swedish.


Jubilee book:
Värmlands nation 350 år
och lite mer därtill.
“The intention is in a serious, but easy, way, in both text and image, depict the nation’s life everyday and the festive context. ”
Värmland nation’s publication committee, volume XVIII.
Price: 200 SEK


Nödder att bo vid Fyris å.
Värmlänningar i Uppsala under fyra århundraden.
Värmlands nations skriftseriekommitté, volym XVII.
PriceNo information


Värmländsk ordbok.
Knut Warmland.
Price: 200 SEK


Eloquent students.
Student Nations in Uppsala rhetorical environments 1663-2010.
Lars Burman.
Price: No information


Tal vid Värmlands nation i Uppsala 2014-2014.
Speaches of Värmland nation’s inspector Lars Burman, during his first 10 years as an inspector.
Price: 100 SEK


För den värmländska lanthushållningens väl.
Landshövdingar, akademiker och hushållningssällskap i arbete för agrar modernisering 1790-1820 skildrat i samtida och nyskrivna texter.
Kungliga skogs- och lantbruksakademien. Redaktör: Olof Kåhrström
Price: 100 SEK