General information

It is the head waiter who takes care of all rentals at the nation, and it is to her or him that you turn to with questions, reservations requests and other rental related questions.

The head waiter has not the right to sign contracts for the nations behalf. All reservations are preliminary until a contract has been signed by both the customer and second curator at Värmlands nation. To ensure that your event is truly of, we recommend that you sign the contract with us as soon as you are happy with your offer.

When you sign a contract with us, you can either do it as an individual or as an organization. For individuals we always require a deposit of 50% of the total amount within 10 days before the rental. Also organizations may have to leave a deposit and with same conditions as for private individuals. Therefore it is good if the customer no later than 10 calendar days before the event also indicates the number of guests for the event. If the customer sign the the agreement as an organization, you have to have the signing authority for the organization or have a mandate from the authorized signatory.

Important to remember!
All staff and waiters are students with good serving knowledge, expertise and experience in the field. But we can not guarantee that personnel are trained in the restaurant business and, therefore, deficiencies exist in the food and service knowledge. The customer should be aware that it pays a price for the competence and that this is not a professional restaurant business.

  • sebastian

    Hovmästare Sebastian Svanström

    It is the head waiter you should contact if you have any questions regarding rentals.