Our facilities

The great hall
The great hall is the nations largest room and can accommodate up to 180 seated. Pre drink is usually in the bottom stair and guests later go down into the great hall for dinner. If the number of seated is under 70 the library will suit the event better.

The room is equipped with sound system, lighting, wireless microphones and a projector. It can also, if necessary, be provided with a scene, although this limits the number of seated slightly. Note that also the stairs into the room can serve as a scene if the maximum number of seated is desired. The room can also serve as dance floor if requested. The projector combined with a sound system and microphones also makes the room suitable for conferences and lectures.


The library
The library is a unique and beautiful room that can accommodate up to 72 seated. Here you sit surrounded by books from several centuries. Pre drinks is usually held in the upper stair and guests can then go into the library for dinner.

The room is equipped with a sound system and can, if necessary, be equipped with a microphone and a portable projector. The hall can be used as a dance floor after dinners and are suitable for dinners with less seated then the great hall.


The reading room
The reading room can hold up to 90 seated and is the third rom where we can hold dinners. Like the library, the pre drinks are usually held in the top stair room and guests then goes into the reading room for dinner. This area is often used to mingle after dinner parties. It is equipped with a sound system and projector, but unlike the other premises are not suitable for being a dance floor. If required, a microphone installed.