Värmlands nation have been able to, thanks to the generous members and companies linked to the nation, establish a number of scholarships. These are given to students who are members of Värmlands nation in Uppsala to encourage and ease their studies. Many of the scholarships run over several semesters and includes large amounts of money.

In the nation’s bulletin boards and message boards on student homes, Phyllebo, Dygdebo and Rackarbo, we post information on which scholarships that are available, their requirements, closing dates and the information you must provide. This information is also posted on the website.

This also applies to monitoring of scholarships. The information comes up at the beginning of each semester and provides you with information on how to keep your scholarship.

Application forms are available at the entrance to the Söderbomska house (the yellow house west of the nation house where the curators offices are) and here on the website. There is a black mailbox that completed applications can be submitted in.

Read carefully the FAQ page before applying! Unfortunately most scholarships are for swedish citizens, but there are a few ones available for international students.

  • Stipendiesekreterarna

    For questions about scholarships contact the scholarship secretaries. They can answer all the questions you have regarding applications, etc.