Here you can find the most frequently asked questions, with answers, regarding scholarships. Do you have further questions that are not answered here? Contact stipsek@varmlandsnation.se.

  • Which scholarships can I apply for?
    Several times per semester the nation announce scholarships available to apply for. The advertised scholarships are those that are available to search. The announcement for the scholarships can be found on the website of the nation, the bulletin boards in the nation house and on the notice boards of the nation's homes. There are always a given deadline (please note the time!).

    What is required for each scholarship you see on the statute that you can find on the website.
  • How often are available scholarships announced?
    This can vary. But mostly the nation have two announcement periods for nation scholarships and one announcement for travel scholarships and research scholarships each semester. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the website and the nation bulletin boards to know when it's time to apply.
  • Is research scholarship announced each semester?
    No, not every semester.
  • What does statutes mean?
    Each scholarship has a statute, a description on what specifically is required to get the scholarship. Common to all the nation's scholarships is that you must be full-time students and a member of Värmlands nation. There is also more or less specified requirements for different scholarships.

    Some have requirements for kinship or lineage. There is also the statute that contains human properties, faith, or that you study a particular topic. The terms are often determined by a long deceased person who bequeathed money for a scholarship administered by the nation. It is important that the application of scholarships show proof of the qualities you possess that the scholarships statute require.
  • How do I apply for scholarships?
    You start by checking what scholarships that are announced right now.

    Then you see what statutes each scholarships has and makes sure that you are eligible to apply.
    Contact scholarship secretaries if you are not sure. The application form is available both on the nations website and at the nation's expedition at Söderbomska huset. The form is filled in and then you make sure that you also hand in all the required annexes. Annexes which always must be handed in are transcripts and registration certificate.
    Other supplements that can be required is proof of ancestry, parentage, nationality, etc.
    Remember that all certificates that are copies must be certified by two people. It is also important to hand in the application before the application time runs out
  • Who gets the scholarships?
    All sorts of people who apply and fulfills the statute of the scholarships. They have in common that they are students and members of the nation.

    One is anyway safe; those who do not seek will definitely not get any scholarships.
  • Is it difficult to get the scholarships?
    It can be much easier to get scholarships then you think. If you are the person that best fulfills the statute for a scholarship, you will get it. Everything depends on how many qualified students that are applying at the same time as you.

    It has several times happened that the nation is not able to hand out all the advertised scholarships, due to too few qualified applicants. It often happens that people forget to certify copies, send the certificates required or sign the application.
  • Where does the scholarship money come from?
    The money is often bequeathed or comes from a donation. They have been placed in a fund with the scholarships name and then it has been administred by the nation. The scholarship money that are handed out somes from the yield of the fund.
  • What is the difference between the university scholarships and the nation scholarships?
    The difference is basically who manages the money. Both the universities managed and the nation managed scholarships are appointed by the nation's scholarship committee in case the scholarships should be given to a member of Värmlands nation. Some university managed scholarships are however, handed out by another person, but only after a suggestion by the nation's scholarship committee. Information about the university managed scholarships are available at the universitys website and shall be applied for on a separate form which is submitted to the scholarship office at the university. Information about the nation managed scholarships are found at the nations website and the application forms are both collected and returned to the nation.
  • How are the scholarships
    After the application deadline the nation's scholarship secretary compiles the information and sends it to the members of the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee consists of one member and one alternate for each faculty at the university. They then examines in detail the application coming from students on their faculty. Then a scholarship committee meeting is held where scholarships are reviewed one by one and the discussions are about which are the best candidates to be awarded the scholarships.

    Who receive a scholarship is then determined by vote.
  • Who can see the information in my application?
    The nation's scholarship secretary and the two representatives of your faculty. On the scholarship committee meetings are the applications anonymous and each applicant is assigned a number, so no one can link the data discussed to your name. After the meeting the scholarship secretaries decodes the numbers.

    Everyone at the meeting are bound to secrecy in everything except what can be inferred from the protocol, ie everything except who was awarded a scholarship.
  • I'm not a top student, I can get scholarships anyway?
    Yes. However, you must study full time the term you are applying for scholarships.
  • I have lots of money, is there any idea to apply for scholarships?
    Yes. Some scholarships require that the student have a need, which is meant as an economic term. That means you must have an annual income below a certain amount and assets below a certain amount. The totals are changed every now and then and is determined by Uppsala University Scholarship Office.

    This is ample sums, so a large majority of the students are considered in need.
    When the word "destitute" is used it's required that your assets are below a lower sum.
  • When will I know if I got a scholarship?
    After the scholarship committee meeting the scholarship secretaries writes the protocol and decodes the application numbers to see which were given the different scholarships. Then they send congratulatory letter to those who received scholarships and those who have entered their account details in the application the money will come shortly after the letter arrives. Those who have not provided their bank account details will be contacted. That means it will take longer to receive the money if you don't write your bank account details from the beginning.
  • Do you contact those who are not awarded scholarships?
    No. If you havn't received a congratulatory letter you have not been awarded a scholarship this time. If you really want to make sure you really didn't get any scholarship you can contact the nation's scholarship secretaries or come by the nation at the office hours to read the scholarship committee meeting protocol.
  • Do I get the scholarship as a lump sum or in multiple payments?
    Some scholarships are a lump sum, which means that the money handed out one time. Other scholarships run over several semesters and then paid in a lump sum once per semester in the number of years that the scholarship applies. In the announcement it is indicated if the scholarship is one that extends over several years, such as "Uddeholm smaller, 10 000 SEK / semester for three years." This means that you receive 10 000 SEK directly after it is handed out, and then you'll continue to receive the same amount for 5 semesters. Please note that you have to monitor the scholarship at the beginning of each semester to keep it.
  • Do you check what I do with the money?
    No. However, as regards to travel scholarship it is appreciated if you hand in receipts/tickets and a travel report after the trip that summarizes what you experienced.
  • Do I need to pay tax on a scholarship?
  • Is there a limit on how many scholarships I can get?
    Both yes and no. There is a scholarship roof which means that you in the same year cannot be awarded multiple scholarships, which together exceed a certain sum. The roof changes regularly and is determined by Uppsala University Scholarship Office. It does not apply a scholarship who's amount is higher than the roof.
  • Will the payments continue automatically when I receive a scholarship that extends over more then one semester?
    No. At the beginning of each semester, a scholarship that extends over several semesters must be monitored. Information about this can be found on the nation's website, in the nation's buildings and on the notice boards of the nation's homes at the beginning of each semester. You must fill in a monitoring form and attach proof of payment of the nation fee, proof that you are registered to full-time studies the current semester as well as proof that you have taken the universoty credits the last two semesters. These certificates can be downloaded from the "Studentportalen".

    You can get the receipt of the nation fee from 1Q:s office. Another way that is okey is to copy the nation card for this semester and ask two persons to certify the copy. You can always ask the scholarship secretaries to look through your monotoring form to see that everything is included.
  • When is the monotoring period?
    This usually starts about a week before the semester starts and continue about 3 weeks into the semester.
  • Can I monitor my scholarship electronically?
    No. The reason for this is that we need your signature on that the information submitted by you is true. If you are abroad, you can send your surveillance application via regular mail. It is then good if you contact the scholarship secretaries to tell them that you have sent the letter. Then the scholarship secretaries know that you intend to monitor your scholarship and that they should keep an extra eye on the mailbox. The important thing is that the postmark indicates a date before the last day of submission.
  • Can I pause a scholarship that extends over several semesters?
    In some cases, you can freeze a scholarship, which means that during one semester at a time you'll "pause" the payments. To freeze a scholarship requires a valid reason. Valid reasons are that you are on sick leave, maternity/paternity leave or are a full-time official at the nation or have a full-time mission at a student union or at the Curators Convent. During these kind of semesters you doesn't study and can not hold a scholarship. The demands are high. You can not freeze a scholarship if you take a "normal" study break for travel, work etc. In these cases the scholarship will be lost but you can seek new scholarships when you continue to study again. When you hand in your application to get your scholarship frozen you have to strengthen your valid reason with some kind of proof.
  • What can I do to increase my chances of getting scholarships?
    It is different for different scholarships. The scholarships that mention the words diligence and/or progress in studies focuses on taking your credits and that you have high grades, but it can also weigh in, for example, you take courses at a higher level or that you published articles. Some scholarships are given to students who engaged in things outside of their studies, example at the nation, others to students who can demonstrate that they are deserving it in other ways. The rule of thumb to increase your chances is to take your credits and to always send with an explanation of why you deserve a scholarship. Think like this: "If it's between me and a precise equivalent candidate, what can I write in my application and what papers can I submit with my application that make them choose me?".
  • What is a credit transcript?
    It is a certificate that shows your study results, that is where your taken credits with ratings are registered. This can be downloaded from the "Studentportalen".
  • What is the registration certificate?
    It is a certificate that shows that you are registered to study the current semester. This certificate can be downloaded from the "Studentportalen".
  • I can apply for and receive travel scholarships several times?
    Yes, that is possible.