Friend nations

Värmland nation has friend nations (or student associations) around in Europe, mainly in the north. These friendships are of different ages; the oldest, with the Nylands Nation in Helsinki was signed already in 1875, while the Nyländska Nation at Åbo is as new as from 2013.

With our friend nationswe have a lot of  exchanges that mainly consists of scholarship trips to och from these. We also send our nation papers to each other and invite each other to various festivities.

For Värmland nation is an active exchange with our friends in other cities and countries an important part of our activities. It teaches us to understand how other, similar, organiations works, and in this way we can learn from each other. Take the opportunity to go on a friend nation exchange if you have the chance! When there is an announcement for a scholarship it is announced on our message boards. The scholarships are given on the basis of officials points.

Värmlands nation has, right now, the following friend nations: