The landscape is the nation’s highest decision-making body and consists of all the members of the nation. The landscape takes place twice per semester and can be translated as a “large meeting”. The landscape is usually ends with an informal dinner.

The landscape is led by the “landscape chairman” which also is a student, an official at the nation. Protocol is written by another student, the secretary, also an official. In addition to these, the nations inspector or proinspektor always attends.

At the the landscape we elect officials and full-timers (like the curators), and we also decideds about the nations budget, accounting and auditing, and other important stuff. This is also where we select honorary members and seniors at the nation.

All members can request that a particular issue should be addressed at the landscape. This should, however, be submitted to the agenda no later than one week before the landscape.

The landscapes are interesting and exciting events that every member should visit at least once. This is your greatest chance to influence the nation, so take the chance and come! The invitation to the landscape is sent to all members via our nation paper Wermlandus. It also posted the nation’s website and bulletin boards.