The club work

The club workers are the people who run the nation’s kitchen, pub and club. There are also those who probably have the most fun. They work at pub evenings, dance evenings and gasks and ensures that the work flows in the bars and kitchens. If you’re looking for a quick way to get to know a lot of people and learn to cook or mix drinks, the club work is perfect for you. No experience required, we make sure to educate you so that you can easily find summer jobs between the semesters.

Deputy clubmasters
Deputy club masters leads the work on the friday club State of Mind. This means that along with the club master they plan club evenings, are responsible for fix workers for each friday and to lead the work during the club evenings.

Bar hosts
The bar hosts take turns in manage the nation’s bars during our pubs, clubs and some gasks. The work begins by establishing the order of the bar, pick up the glass, fill coolers etc. During the evening, they are in charge of the bars and are the boss over the workers that you have to help and after the evening ensures that everyone helps to clean up.

Kitchen hosts
Kitchen hosts cook the food for pub and club nighs. This means that you prepare before for the evening, by cutting vegetables etc., and when the pub has opened you cook the pub food along with 2-3 worker. Before going home for the evening you clean the kitchen.