The curators

1Q is responsible for the organization as a whole. The 1Q make sure that all members are properly registered, that business is going well and that the nation's regulatory is followed.1Q is also the nation's spokesperson and head outside in the "normal" world, including contact with authorities. If you do not know who to contact at the nation, it's 1Q you should contact. 1Q can then guide you right and probably answer most of your questions.

2Q are financially responsible at the nation. 2Q is responsible for the nation's treasure, paying bills, paying salaries, taxes, manages nation loans and tells the rest of the officials when they spend too much money. It's 2Q you should contact if you have worked and have not received your salary. 2Q also manages the nation's keys and alarm.

3Q is responsible for all activities at the nation. 3Q is the one who makes sure that there is always someone who takes care of all the tasks that need to be done. 3Q is the human resources manager, work leader and train the officials involved in the daily activites. It is to 3Q you should turn if you want to work at the nation.