When Värmland nation’s large house was completed in 1930, the nation had only a few hundred members, which resulted in that the events and parties hosted by the nation did not lack of space for the guests. But through the decades the nation has grown and therefore also all the nations events have grown bigger.

It has been said that nation building is the city’s most desirable five-room-house. And considering all that is possible to create within the the nations four walls is this statement not particularly untrue. Through the nations hard working club workers and officials we can transform the nation house several times a week!

There is a lot of events at the nation. Besides from our daily activities, like breakfast, lunch, fika, pub, club, etc, a lot of more things is going on at the nation.

For example; several Saturdays per semester we have big gasks. This means three or five course dinners with club afterwards. This is the most studentlike thing you can do in Uppsala, and we strongly recommend you to attend at least one gask per semester. Read more about the different gasks in the menu to the left.

If you have any questions about the nations event, contact