The masters

The Club master is responsible for all drinks served at the nation and that there is always money for every work shift. KLM's work is a blend of reporting money from all work shifts and order beverages. It is KLM you should contact if you have lost something at on of the nation's events, since he or she is responsible for lost and found.

The Kitchen master cooks the food at Wermlandskällar'n together with the kitchen host. In addition to that the Kitchen master is responsible for all food in circulation at the nation. The Kitchen master also works as a supervisor for the clubworkers who work in the kitchen.

Head waiter is the nation's newest full timer. It was introduced in spring 2009 to take care of the large amount of rentals and gasques that take place at the nation every semester. It's the Head waiters task to plan, implement and evaluate all rentals and gasques. The types of rental are varied, ranging from small lunch settings of 20 people to a spring ball with upwards of 250 guests.